My Story, My Journey

What in the World?

20 Successful years in Medical Practice Management, Holistic Practice Management and Service, Legal Office Management, Accounting / Auditing, Creative Writing & Graphic Design and finally to HR Administration. 2 Degrees In Liberal Arts & Psychology...


I was on the fast track up the Corporate Ladder and making great money. And then...I left.


Here is Why:

Everyday I saw my family, friends, loved ones and even strangers struggle through their lives with nearly debilitating conditions. Anxiety, Depression, Migraines, Stress, Insomnia, Sinus Troubles, Asthma and even Grief. I discovered that no longer could I sit and watch it happen, the constant flow of pharmaceuticals that continued to damage the body (though I understand they do have their place) and continued declining health of those I loved the most. My heart and soul was driven to action.

So What Did I Do?

I walked out on my corporate career and followed my soul path. Over 20 years in the corporate world and natural healing world had prepared me for this moment.


My heart has always been that of a healing spirit. Though counseling others, teaching physical disciplines of Pilates and Strength Training (and now Yoga), my soul was always creating a path to this place in time...I just didn’t have the courage or faith to take it. Until now…


Lapis and Jade Creations Was Born!

I got together with a few of my mentors and just told them “I need to do this.” Of course they all thought I was crazy but after a while they stood behind me and graciously shared their wisdom and resources to help my success. I am ever thankful for each of them, for every person that my work helps, and every client who has  taken a chance on me. Ultimately I am grateful to have the chance to serve others through sharing my work and the boundless love I have in my heart to show them how beautiful they truly are. We are all worth it. 


Why the ‘Lapis and Jade’ Name?


My Lifemate is an extraordinary man. His favorite stone is Lapis Lazuli (stone of enlightenment, seeker of wisdom, truth, attributed to inspiring confidence and deep communication), and he brings great balance, support, wisdom and truth to our lives. Lapis, for me, also signifies the masculine strength, of which he is. All my life I have been drawn to Jade, it is my favorite stone (to me it represents the feminine, loving and intensely healing properties, as well as an ancient stone for wisdom and harmony). These things together signify our life together and how precious it is. This is our way of sharing our love with all of you, to encourage healing of body, mind & spirit. To inspire Joy and Love of Life. 


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